Cuttin Up Jack Russell "Shorties"

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This is my son the pilot

This is my hubby with the gang!!
Aren't they cute.

I still miss him

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June 6, 1993 -Nov. 4, 2005

This page is dedicated to the first Jack Russell I ever had.  His name was "Rocky" and was my constant loving companion for many years. I quickly learned to love this very special little dog and his breed  because of their fierce loyalty to their family, loving ways,  intelligence,  and their happy go lucky outlook on life.

My husband, Dennis and I live just outside of Seymour, Texas where we own a saddle shop.  Dennis is a saddle maker and has been building bits and spurs now for about 35 years and we have always been very involved with horses.  I like to tell folks, I married a cowboy and raised 3 cowboys!!  I used to show reining horses and "cuttin" horses and loved to visit with all of my friends at the horse shows.  We have 2 sons who train and shows cuttin horses,  and our 3rd son owns his own business and is a private pilot with his own airplane.   We live here with our Jack Russell dogs, our cats and our "cuttin" horses.   We still love to ride and our little companions think they just have to go with us.  Our favorite past time is working our horses on cattle with our sons, flying with the other son  and just spending time with family especially the GRAND kids.