Cuttin Up Jack Russell "Shorties"
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Welcome to Cuttin Up Jack Russells
EJRTCA  registered "Shorties" or "Puddins"
Our shorties are known for their wonderful, friendly, and  calm temperament.

e are proud  members of the EJRTCA!

Dedicated to Preserving the Original Lines of the EJRTCA

Our puppies are adopted as Breeding and Hunting dogs as well as loyal companions to loving forever homes.

We  DO NOT offer sales to Pet Stores, Wholesale Brokers, or Research Facilities

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    Texas Licensed Breeder #286
Licensed, Inspected, Regulated & Approved by the
                  Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations                      

We are proud members of EJRTCA and also proud members of NCHA (National Cuttin Horse Association).  We  are located on a small place just outside of Seymour, Texas where our little "Puddins"  have lots of room to run and play.  Seymour  is located in the heart of cowboy country, and of course we have cutting horses and cats to go along with our wonderful little companions.  These little dogs have been our loving friends for over 20 years now.  It doesn't matter if we are horseback ( they love to ride!),  going to a flea market or camping with the kids, they just want to be wherever  we are (even if we are just at home watching television).  We raise quality, healthy  puppies in our home.   At 2 weeks we start worming our babies every 2 weeks and give them their first puppy shot at 5 weeks old.  All of my puppies are vet checked before being shipped to their new special home.

You know, when I got my first Jack Russell "Puddin" or Shortie named  Rocky, I truly thought I had just been blessed with  a very special little dog.   Don't get me wrong, to me, he  was a very special little boy, but after a while and getting some other little JRT's  I realized that the traits that I loved so dearly about  Rocky were typical of this breed.  I got Rocky about 20 years ago and I have been in love with this breed ever since!!  All of my little dogs were hand picked for my breeding program based on the same loving, loyal, wonderful traits that Rocky had.  Be sure and take a look at them!

We realize that buying a Cuttin Up Jack Russell puppy is a big decision and of course with it comes responsibility, but the love, laughter and pure joy that a puppy will bring to your life will be worth it!  

Call me sometime, I LOVE to visit about this very special breed of little dog!

The original Jack Russell Terrier breed was first developed by the Reverend John Russell from England in the very early 1800's to go to ground, chasing out fox and other prey.  Besides being loving loyal companions, several Cuttin Up Jack Russells have gone on to make "scent dogs", tracking wounded deer, as well as making dedicated squirrel hunting dogs.  They also make excellent retrieving dogs as they will retrieve ANYTHING including balls, frizbees, varmints, etc  !!!

Featured puppies

  Laramie's Puppies                                                Ava Puppies      Whelped July 6, 2014                                                             Whelped July 15, 2014
see more in Laramie's Nursery                                                                   see more in Ava's Nursery


    pictures taken October 19, 2014                                           pictures taken October 20, 2014

        Mollie Puppies                                          Mesa Puppies
  Whelped September 19, 2014                                                Whelped August 7, 2014
    see more in Mollie's Nursery                                                see more in Mesa's Nursery


                                       pictures taken October 21, 2014                                            pictures taken October 19, 2014


     Ms Kitty Puppies                                      Tonja Puppies
  Whelped August  7, 2014                                     whelped October 3, 2014
  see more in Ms Kitty's Nursery                                          see more in Tonja's Nursery

    see more picture of Flint                                                          see more pictures of Blair
    taken October 19, 2014                                                            taken October 21, 2014


Stryker and I and the rest of the gang here at Cuttin Up Jack Russell Shorties want to take a moment to thank everyone of you who have adopted one of our babies and made them a part of your family.  You are all a part of our extended family and if you ever have any questions or just want to visit, just give me a call.  We just love hearing from you and also enjoy receiving pictures of the puppies as they grow!  Thank you for giving our babies loving, forever homes.

For more information call:

Sharon Overton
141 Dickson Road
Seymour, Texas  76380

Phone: 940-631-6159940-631-6159


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Last  Updated on October 23,  2014